AMO Line of E-Bikes Win on Design, Engineering, and Quality

Milan, Italy: MV Agusta today announced its continued advancement in the world of e-mobility — as the legendary Italian motorcycle company continues to share its pedigree of artful mobility with a line of sleek and sustainable new two-wheel transportation options. The exciting and enduring class of electric bicycles combines MV Agusta’s penchant for original design with its legacy of quality, performance, and championship racing. The AMO series of e-bikes offers a more sophisticated and bespoke way for commuters worldwide to transport themselves.

“Great companies refuse to rest on their laurels. Since 1945 MV Agusta has been testing the boundaries of innovation and we have no reason to stop in 2021,” says Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A..

“Our AMO e-bikes are dreamt up, designed, and built with love and the spirit of our founder, Count Domenico Agusta, who took pride in every bike he produced, as we do to this day.”

Ampelio Macchi, COO of e-mobility oversees every aspect of design and product of the AMO line.

“Our quality standards begin with the control of the raw material, and then for all phases of mechanical processing, heat treatments, and final painting, and not least a special attention to packaging in the MV Agusta style,” says Macchi.

A brand once known for combustion engines, speed, and horsepower — is now part of a new sustainable and forward-thinking community as the e-mobility division embraces the transportation needs of today’s urban jungles. It’s the perfect union of an earth-conscious product and the qualities that have always made MV August so distinct.

With its ascent into the upper echelon of the e-bike market worldwide, MV Agusta finds no need to “reinvent itself” — preferring instead to capture the best of its historic legacy of excellence and fuse it with the innovations of tomorrow — culminating in the premier e-bikes of today.

“We will not change our DNA, and we will continue to produce e-bikes in an artisanal way while respecting our internal quality standards. The industrial process, R&D and styling are and will be in Italy respecting the Italian experience and style,” says Macchi.

MV Augusta truly believes in the sector — so it’s investing heavily in both infrastructure and elite design and manufacturing talent to push the venture forward. This includes plans to expand the line of city e-bikes and to introduce an off-road line as well. The company will offer a preview of future offerings at EICMA 2021 in Milan.

Superior design has always been inherent in MV August motorcycles and the same goes for its e-bikes. Designer Maksim Ponomarev prides himself on executing the company’s vision with close attention to the pulse of the future while maintaining an eye on the past.

“E-mobility is a completely new product for the company and in developing it we drew on what the company demonstrates and values in motorcycles. Our journey has just begun, and we try to create a unique product, which when you look at it you will know for sure that this is MV Agusta,” Ponomarev says.

The 2022 Model Year E-Bikes from MV Agusta include the:

The MV Agusta journey into e-bikes is a natural progression for the company, which has been a veritable institution when it comes to motorcycles over the last eight decades. The move immediately injects MV Agusta’s iconic brand, quality, and performance into a new market, that is growing faster than ever. Those searching for an e-bike with a bit more substance plus panache, can choose from MV Agusta’s forthcoming offerings.

MV Agusta recognizes that the motorcycle market has merged into a single overall market that includes all lightweight two-wheel vehicles. They have seen the demand for affordable, light, and eco-friendly mobility solutions — particularly in the larger and more densely packed urban zones of our world. Why not bring MV Agusta’s classic Italian design, track record of speed, and legacy of innovative and quality engineering to the table to introduce a new range of e-bikes for the most discerning commuters?

The mission is clear: to extend MV Agusta’s legendary passion for motorcycle performance to design, engineer, and manufacture the world’s most exciting and enduring electrical two-wheel products.

Thinking beyond just seated electric transport devices, MV Agusta is also producing a kick scooter called the Rapido Serie Oro.

The debut of its e-mobility line ushers in a new era of stylish, minimalist design for true modern day urban mobility. Combining premium and modern touches with the recognizable wings and gear logo creates a transcendent product bridging the heritage of the past and with the technology of the present. From its beginnings as an airplane manufacturer to its present-day e-mobility offerings, MV Agusta continues to lead with quality, reputation, and innovation.

From the famed shores of Lake Varese, MV Agusta brings its unmistakable Italian flair and elegance along with its passion for motorsports — to the e-mobility arena. Both the AMO range and the Rapido Serie Oro embody the brand’s spirit and tradition.

The name AMO, “I love” in Italian, celebrates the brand’s highly-anticipated debut in this new segment. It’s a new romance that represents diversification and a bridge between a motorsport leader and the discerning, environmental-conscious urban dwellers of today. With just two wheels and one button, MV Agusta’s e-mobility line offers unlimited possibilities.

David Borghesi is a crucial part of the MV Agusta e-bike division’s engineering team and understands the brand’s core mission.

“Our goal is to make unique ebikes that combine advanced technology with refined design. Bikes that can excite but have a lot of substance, for very demanding customers,” says Borghesi.

The AMO e-bike line will be available as early as February 2022 starting at €3700. For more information on the collection visit

About MV Agusta: The iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer and racing team was founded in 1945 by Count Domenico Agusta. After decades of excellence in motorcycle production and sales, today, the brand is breaking new ground in the world of e-mobility, lending its classic styling and quality manufacturing to a new sustainable sector of transport.

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