ABT meets
MV Agusta
A fusion of innovation, design and performance
Why ABT & MV Agusta:
  • Design
    The fusion of ABT's DNA for high-performance cars with the history and heritage of MV Agusta has led to the birth of the first ABT gravel e-bike, realized by MV Agusta. The design and colors reflect the bold identity of ABT, embodying a special limited series.
  • Performance
    We aimed to craft a gravel e-bike with unmatched distinction and performance, thus giving rise to the ABT Gravel R. The expertise of ABT Sportsline, the premier tuning provider for renowned car brands, met in this e-gravel with MV Agusta, which for decades has set motorcycle performance and design standards.
  • Uniqueness
    ABT Gravel R is a limited edition e-bike crafted to showcase unparalleled uniqueness and distinction. It represents a class-leading creation, boasting one-of-a-kind design.
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