About us

The world's adoption of ebikes as a viable and popular form of mobility often came from the perspective of powering traditional bicycles. Not MV Agusta. The forebearers of the AMO Series of ebikes are motorcycles. And not just any motorcycle but the stunning MV Agusta motorbikes known throughout Europe for unbridled speed and performance. MV Agusta's engineering philosophy is the penchant for creating maximum function with minimal form. To remove any cosmetic until all that remains is beauty and ability.

About MV Agusta

Post war 1945 was an opportunity for Italian craftsman to return to their passion of creating great works of art and world-renowned industrial design. These were the humble but uncompromising beginnings of MV Agusta, whose team tooled and polished a handful of high performance, aesthetically dramatic motor bikes. In the ensuing years, the line of motor bikes grew modestly, in an open style and eloquent design with modern technology, continually pushing the boundaries of two-wheeled transportation into new realms of perfection.

The European company is again opening new doors of development as it offers electronic bikes, or ebike, with an MV brand new commuter models. These eco-friendly ebikes are composed of conventional bicycle components with the added benefit of a slick rear hub belt drive from the industry experts at Mahler and high-performance tires from Pirelli.

MV Agusta ebikes offer the perfect marriage of low impact pedaling and powerful assistance electric motor torque that enables riders to travel long distances on a single full charge. In addition, the AMO ebike features clean Gates Carbon Drive system comprised of a quieter and smoother single belt instead of a greasy chain to propel forward.

The new MV Agusta AMO RR and AMO RC ebikes are available in 4 sizes to fit virtually any rider with advanced electronic technology, all controlled from a single push button hub and monitored through a beautifully designed mobile app. This way, riders can select the electronic motor assistance they'd like without needing to use bulky controls. With MV Agusta, you get the highly desirable classic Italian design combined with modern and powerful electronic components.