It is in
our DNA
We draw from the history of MV Agusta to move towards a
future of electric mobility
Our mission consists in shaping the urban-mobility providing stylish and functional solutions: this is the reason why we aim at creating lightweight and beautiful e-bikes, as well as stunning e-scooters.
We hold the legacy of the historical Italian brand MV Agusta and we apply it into e-mobility by designing and manufacturing electric bicycles and kickscooters distinguished by unique style and excellent components. For decades, MV Agusta motorcycles have set the standards in performance and design.
Now we reimagine this legacy to design the ultimately functional featherweight masterpieces perfect for any urban journey.
Our story

It all began in 1907, amid the pioneer era of aviation, when Giovanni Agusta founded the Agusta aeronautics company. The team of devoted engineers was building and servicing planes until 1945. That year aircraft production became forbidden in Italy.
In the Autumn of 1945, our first motorbike, MV 98, hit the road. In 1947 it started a thrilling winning streak in multiple races across Italy. MV Agusta's supreme performance and distinct design helped establish dominance on the market and the racing track.

In 1952 we got back to flying machines by launching the production of helicopters under multiple licenses. Soon, the engineering team also designed Agusta's original models currently used for civil and military purposes across the globe — from the USA to Africa.

The continuing streak of our racing team's victories spread MV Agusta's motorbikes' fame and glory far beyond the racing tracks. To meet the growing demand, we crafted not only racing motorbikes for the professionals but also enduro, off-road, and touring models for everyone.

For decades our motorbikes have dominated the racing track, setting standards in performance and design. Now we extend this legacy to design the ultimately functional featherweight masterpieces perfect for any urban journey.
We craft, design and produce our bicycles to deliver the highest quality expressing the heritage of the Italian design of the iconic motorbikes of MV Agusta Motor.
We cast the frames out of aircraft-grade aluminum for a perfect combination of lightness and comfort to guarantee a perfect ride. Each e-bike has three layers of paint to last and please your eyes for longer. Because our vehicles are not just about transportation, they are all about the breathtaking experience.
We design, assemble, paint, and pack the e-bikes in Morazzone, Italy

Such localization lets us rigorously control each production step to ensure the premium quality. We take special care of each vehicle assembled and provide a 2-year warranty for all our products.

No matter how far you ride the e-bike, within 730 days after the purchase, we will repair it at no cost and with all the individual attention.

We are a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team of keen cyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts. Experienced engineering and design professionals make the core of our team.
When passion and experience come together, the result is great. This is how our e-bikes and e-scooters were born: we work to create stylish, functional and cutting-edge products that people would love to ride.
Our core principles:
  • Special care
    to each model produced
  • Premium quality
    baked by technology
  • Efficient and tailored service
    as it meant to be