December 26th, 1978. That day marked the genesis of one of the most fascinating and dangerous adventures ever: the Paris-Dakar, the most famous rally race crossing the Sahara Desert, the test bed for outstanding performance bikes, capable of travelling the desert tracks at insane speeds.

The Elefant Lucky Explorer livery is probably the most celebrated icon of that historic desert raid. Its evocative power, dominating twice the Dakar, has become the emblem of the eternal struggle between the crudeness of nature and man, between rock, sand and wild nature.

The Lucky Explorer represents the ultimate character of MV Agusta to express its sentiments, revamping deeply the passion, the emotions, the values, the style, the gestures of men and bikes who made the history of racing in the desert and off road. It is not just about motorbikes and e-bikes, it’s about a comprehensive world of emotions, memories, values and a way of being: a long-awaited return for all the fans of off road rides, but also a new beginning and a leap into the future.